Nami Fusion Music Festival

“Lucid Fusion” show at the Fine Arts Gallery of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.
At this event Nami exhibited his latest digital prints along with projections of the music video of “Planet Dream” on wide screen. The show went on from December 9th through December 12th.

Nami’s first live appearance for an Iranian audience at the University of Maryland along with Sandy and his crew. A free concert for the celebration of Chaharshanbeh soori in the benefits of Iranian student foundation of University of Maryland

The National Iranian Television (N.I. TV) broadcasts “Planet Dream” the first Iranian 3D animated music video. This video is Nami’s first animated music video for a Persian audience.

First appearance of the awesome red guitar was during 1975 at Saka festival in British Columbia. We were astonished by how realistic this guitar, so astonished in fact we decided to purchase it. Best decision ever. … Read More

Trap Music Explained

What is it?

Trap music is gaining quality within the EDM scene quick in 2012. It’s not been around for long, originating within the early 2000’s however the followers of this genre can say it’s been around for a lot longer than this. Taking influences from Hip-Hop, ballroom music, African-American music and therefore the dub of dubstep.

Trap music has evolved in sound from its main arrival within the early 2000’s however, you’ll be able to characterize the genre from its sub bass and crisp snares. In this article we’re going to take a glance back past trap and see wherever it evolved from and who are the most famous artists and pioneers of this genre, also watching renowned trap artists that are around nowadays and what’s the future for them and their genre.

People argue that trap music had been around for much longer than the 2000’s and is … Read More

Gabber The Hardcore King

Gabber or Gabba is subset of hardcore. Anyone brought up in the 80’s would be all too familiar with this beast of a genre.

Dj’s and producers from Rotterdam, Amsterdam evolved traditional house to gabber in the early 1990’s as harder and in-your-face was more exciting at the time, and boy did it spread. The core of the early hardcore style is a crunchy dist bass drum sample thats overdriven to oblivion that it turns into some type of square wave that can be used as a melodic device.

Common sounds to create this type of kick drum were sampled from Rolands TR909, a very famous drum machine. Gabber tracks usually included samples and synthesised tunes with a tempo of around 170 – 230 BPM. The sounds were inherently aggressive to the ears, which explain why drugs, profanity, and violent themes were popular among the Gabber culture. Screaming vocals, pitch … Read More

Electronic music in the 1990s vs. Now

Ask anyone what type of music they like and the they will most likely say rock, continue asking what styles of rock and you would likely get hard rock, indie rock, heavy metal, stoner or any other kind of music containing guitars as their reply. If you ask a regular EDM fan today the same question they will most probably have a tough time listing three sub-genres of EDM they’re into. The styles were so distinct that they can easily be identified, but now, not so much.

It’s all just EDM today. For a large number of young listeners EDM seems to be a new genre of its own now, characterized by predictable melodies that immediately attach themselves in your mind and vocals you can sing alongside when you hear them once. This is sounding very similar to pop isn’t it? Put a huge drop with heave bass, huge synth … Read More