Nami Fusion Music Festival

By | 05/10/2016

“Lucid Fusion” show at the Fine Arts Gallery of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.
At this event Nami exhibited his latest digital prints along with projections of the music video of “Planet Dream” on wide screen. The show went on from December 9th through December 12th.

Nami’s first live appearance for an Iranian audience at the University of Maryland along with Sandy and his crew. A free concert for the celebration of Chaharshanbeh soori in the benefits of Iranian student foundation of University of Maryland

The National Iranian Television (N.I. TV) broadcasts “Planet Dream” the first Iranian 3D animated music video. This video is Nami’s first animated music video for a Persian audience.

First appearance of the awesome red guitar was during 1975 at Saka festival in British Columbia. We were astonished by how realistic this guitar, so astonished in fact we decided to purchase it. Best decision ever. Many years later it broke on us during a live performance, don’t buy this guitar.