The Changes In SEO Over The Decade – Important For Future Music Entrepreneurs

By | 01/19/2017

SEO has been around for more than a decade, yet it is a concept that still eludes some businesses that have not ventured much into the wonderful world of online business. The sunshine coast SEO seminars I have attended over the years highlighted this curious change, and how SEO practices has evolved since the conception of search engines.

SEO existed back in 2000, back when Google was not our go-to search engine like it is today. And only a marginally small number of people used the internet, back in the day when broadband never existed, and people were connected online through dial-up.

The simple nature of the internet back then lends to simple SEO strategies. Simple, though clever considering these ideas were conceived so long ago. Keywords were hidden on a page, and the best webpage back then were often clogged with keywords that were invisible to prevent scrutiny from visitors thinking that some foul-play was involved to lead them to certain sites.

A couple of years later, Google emerged to dominate the search engines and started implementing measures to prevent the spamming nature of early SEO strategies. With Google policing SEO practices on the net, there had been a sharp decrease in spamming keywords, making way for more authentic SEO practices.

The decade that followed in 2010 saw the rise of social media platforms. It was thought initially that social media and SEO were two separate entities, but in the fact the two go well hand-in-hand, and these days social media sites like Twitter and Facebook has become crucial tools for SEO strategies. During its early years, people had snuffed at Facebook for being just another site for teens, but it has grown over the years, with the demographic of Facebook ranging from preschoolers to pensioners. What had once been a site ‘just for teens’ has become one of the go-to places for online marketing.

Today, SEO strategies are more than just collecting keywords and sticking them into a website to boost rankings. Link building and other SEO strategies had become crucial elements, constantly evolving, constantly changing to weed out the spammers of this decade to make way for a pleasant, authentic search engine experience. Who knows what the next decade will bring forth for SEO and its complex practices? Businesses pursing online marketing have to constantly be on their feet and adapt to the changes Google will bring to the online world.